Research Now

Since 2011 we have been working with the world leader in digital data collection to create content for – and get coverage of – thought leadership. Although the in-house PR team based in the US were well able to get news coverage and raise the profile of the company over the pond, it was proving harder outside the US. So they brought in Team Mustard to support their PR efforts targeting the research media in the UK and to generate material for use elsewhere in the world.

We came up with lots of ideas for self-funded research and research on research studies and created rich content focusing on the quality of Research Now’s service. This resulted in extensive coverage in the research media including cover stories of the trade publication Research Magazine and on-going pieces in Research Live, a series on global research for Research World Connect, as well as Marketing, Marketing Week, Figaro Digital and Brand Republic. We supported all our work with social media activity and on-going consultancy around pitching and creating stories out of data.

The coverage gained enables Research Now to lead the debate in the research industry and supports the fast growth of the company’s work with agencies and with corporate clients.