The Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence group (BIG), the UK’s business to business research and insights association, was stuck with a website that required a lengthy and expensive process each time something needed updating. Mustard partnered with the BIG to rethink and redesign the site, also taking the opportunity to redesign the visual identity. Providing BIG with a site designed to better help their members take advantage of their benefits, and a new identity to reflect the organisation’s forward thinking stance.

We started with our own technical and strategic research process, followed by  workshop with the BIG committee to discuss the website’s purpose and identity. These steps resulted in the decision to develop the website on a separate server using a WordPress theme and membership plugin, along with some additional custom coding from Mustard’s development team.

The website was launched last summer and has breathed fresh life into the organisation who can now present a more modern face to the B2B world. We also decided on a new URL to reflect the ongoing change within the organisation.

The project’s final step was creating the new BIG logo which included design elements to reflect BIG’s community feel. We chose a tall and narrow typeface because it’s modern and classic feel would prevent it from dating quickly and would also allow us to write the company’s full name, ‘Business Intelligence Group’, without overwhelming the logo mark.