GreenBook Blog

GreenBook, one of the industries most valuable content hubs, came to us with an irresistible proposition of redesigning their blog. We started the project with a clear plan to design a website with a simple and coherent layout. GreenBook was also keen to shake up and update the site, creating a consistent layout across all GreenBook sites by using a header (menu and logo etc. at the top of a website).

As the GreenBook website contains an incredibly large amount of information, both in terms of quantity of blog posts and the content on each individual page, it took a lot of thought and consideration to design the pages in the clearest and most logical way. Insight and research sites are often a challenge in this way, and it takes real expertise to develop an appropriate hierarchy and user experience.

Updating the site also offered us an opportunity to look at the GreenBook logo which had multiple inconsistent versions. The GRIT logo we designed a couple of years ago is well established and was well received, so it was natural to adapt it for use as the core GreenBook logo. This meant that GreenBook had a new harmonised visual identity that met their needs, yet was already familiar with their audience.

We are thrilled with the results of both the logo and the blog.