ESOMAR asked us to create a full page advertorial to be placed in Marketing Week. With strict guidelines from the publication that it couldn’t appear as other pages in the magazine, and a brief from ESOMAR that it should appear as if it ‘belongs’ in the magazine, rather than an obvious advertisement, it was a challenging piece of work for the Mustard creative team.

Although we recognised the need for brand subtlety. we still wanted the advertorial to be visually impactful. We therefore opted to use the text itself in an interesting and visually appealing way, using the title to drill into the copy below making an impactful title, ‘BETTER, FASTER, SMARTER’, stand out even more. This was further enhanced with abstract imagery filling the text. The process involved high levels of typographic and positional tweaking and a keen eye for detail to get the copy to wrap properly yet still be legible.