DigitalMR is a tech company with unique IP in AI methods used for market research. Its website had been created by engineers and as a result, not a lot of time was spent on design.

They came to us to redesign and rewrite their homepage and their two product pages, which would be used as landing pages for social media advertising, with a free trial call to action. Our job was to use our knowledge of the tech and market research space to improve the user experience and click through rate for those pages.

DigitalMR recognised the need to distinguish the company from its two products, listening247 and communities247, while keeping the same visual style so they still feel part of a whole. To address this problem, we selected a different colour for each element, resulting in three main colours that worked within the same complimentary colour pallet. We then designed all three pages to have a more single-minded purpose, which was to sign up for a free trial.

The copy was short, clear and informative, and made sure to avoid both industry jargon and frequent buzzwords in order to differentiate DigitalMR and make them stand out from competitors. We also thought hard about how the copy and design worked together to guide the visitors to the call to action. Heavy consideration was given to the call to actions, and how the visitors move between the homepage and product pages – keeping consistency in what they see.

We also supplied DigitalMR with 15 A/B tests that they could run going forward. Some of the A/B tests included making the call to actions bigger, changing headlines, showing a transparent pricing table, and moving content around on the page. See the landing pages here.