Branding and launching the latest technology for Network Research

Our client Network Research launched Fabric, an advanced, bespoke knowledge management tool that works in real-time to help companies engage with customers, interpret behaviours and plan actions customised to their needs.

Keen as Mustard helped create a prominent name, a strong visual identity and launch materials to match their unique technology.

Over the past couple of years we’ve come to use Keen as Mustard as our go to agency for marketing. Building on our own visual identity and website, we knew we could trust Mustard to create a brand for our new tool that would perfectly describe and communicate its unique abilities and actionable results. Keen as Mustard made sure to give us exactly what we wanted – and more.” – Virginia Monk, MD of Network Research

Branding and design
The name Fabric was born from the weaving together of multiple strands to form a cohesive whole – in the same way the strands of complex and disparate data sources are woven together via the portal.

The logo includes subtle visual nods to the parent brand by reusing the circular shape from the ellipses, along with the orange colour and font type. The symbol demonstrates the strands being interwoven, while also articulating an F.

The strapline refers to the way Fabric can be tailored to any client and to the ultimate benefit of actionable insight, while again referring to the master brand through the ellipses.

Animated video
We prepared a one minute video to immediately engage with visitors. Using a friendly and knowledgeable tone, the animated video connects potential clients to the portal and creates a deeper understanding of its use. To see the full animation click here.

Supporting the launch
We designed postal promotional material including a promo item in the form of a lens cleaner to show clients that they will ‘see more clearly’ using the new portal.

We also designed a banner ad to display in both Research Live and MyCustomer.

Finally, we used our industry contacts to gain media attention from the press. We received coverage in leading research industry publications including Research-Live and MrWeb.