Monthly Archives: April 2015

Marketing Automation

When you hear the words marketing automation, it’s likely to bring to mind the efficient whirring of marketing cogs and wheels, working in perfect harmony to make your business grow whilst you relax and go for a gin and tonic. At least it does me, but look at it a little deeply and things get… Read more »

Turbo charging Illumination Research


Founded in 2005, Illumination Research is a growing full-service custom market research company based in Ohio. It helps many of today’s most successful companies improve their decision-making through a deep understanding of their customers, lighting their path to growth. The company has recently developed ‘Speed Suite’, a portfolio of research tools, designed to reduce the… Read more »

A Focus(ed)Vision

FocusVision provides technology to support market research. The firm came to us after acquiring Revelation Global, the mobile and web platform for qualitative market research. We had worked with Steve August and his team at Revelation for some time on their marketing; but after acquiring Revelation, FocusVision needed to revise its messaging and website in… Read more »