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Spice up your marketing with our eBook

We’ve learnt some pretty useful stuff over the years that we’ve been marketing for market research, and we want to share it with the world. So we rolled up our sleeves and pulled our thoughts together into this little ebook. In it, you’ll find some nuggets and gems about all of the important parts of… Read more »

Going Deeper with Online Qual

Edward Appleton, in a recent article posted on RW Connect,  lead with the a title that asked,  “Can Online Qualitative Research Be Potentially Misleading?” Appleton was inspired by an excellent presentation by Peter Totman of Jigsaw Research that showed how online persona were often very different to real-life observed identities, and that people were observed… Read more »

Big Data and the Future of Qualitative Research

100,000+ data points:  “According to our data, the diapers should fit” Moms and babies:  “Check out these photos – not so much” This was the essence of the findings on a case study with a major consumer goods company.  The company was losing market share when babies were transitioning up from one size diaper to… Read more »

Data analysis: Hidden Treasure

In their quest for greater efficiency, brands are uncovering a wealth of information they didn’t know they possessed. Source: Data analysis: Hidden Treasure

Five top tips for designing great marketing emails

Bang for buck email marketing is one of the most cost efficient methods of attracting attention, but only if your readers receive a professional looking and stylish email.  If you don’t want to end up in the spam folder, you need to understand some important rules. So here are 5 top tips to help the… Read more »