Monthly Archives: November 2012

Office Biltz @ Mustard Towers!

Two weeks ago Team Mustard had a complete office blitz! We chucked out old magazines (can’t believe 2009 is considered “old” already), created organized archives, rearranged the desks and, most importantly and coolest of all renovations, we added a Mustard coloured accent wall. Soon the accent wall will feature giant orange-and-turquoise hotdogs — per Keen… Read more »

What’s the buzz on Twitter’s surveys?

Twitter and Nielsen announced a partnership to run surveys through the social network last week to measure the effectiveness of brand advertising. Chosen users will get sent a tweet, inviting them to complete a short three-question survey. Source: What’s the buzz on Twitter’s surveys?

From story-making to communicating insights

Market research industry commentators are increasingly throwing around buzzwords like  “story-teller” and  “storymaker” in association with brand. In a post-advertising world where engagement with consumers comes more from brand authenticity and personification, than from didactic brand messages, story telling is the new mantra. A recent blog by Added Value outlined how various brands, like Coca-Cola & Revlon,… Read more »