Vote for our infographic at the Data Insight Visualisation Awards!

Here at Mustard, we can’t share the infographics that we create for our clients, so we decided to make one of our very own so that they could see what we can do. We asked Replise to use their Social Media Monitoring and Analysis tool to find out how people in the US and the UK enjoy mustard.

We honed down 30 pages of weird and wonderful comments, pondered profoundly over alcoholic beverages, and eventually umm-ed and ahh-ed over our pens and paper to conceptualise the infographic, which we have entered into the Data Insight Visualisation Awards.

Keen as Mustard Marketing - How do you like your mustard V2 - (500x500)

We managed to pull together a great deal of varying opinions in a clear and uniform fashion, whilst also ensuring that the infographic remained visually compelling – meaning that it successfully showcases our design expertise. It also magnificently communicates Keen as Mustard’s brand. We ended up putting it on a tea towel (do you see what we did there?) and sending it to all of our pals for Christmas.

teatowel 2


Please rate our infographic here! Oh, and if you fancy drying your dishes with data, please get in touch!