Research Now supermarket ad analysis drums up Christmas spirit (and headlines)

Research Now recently compared the Christmas adverts of top supermarkets Asda, Tesco, The Co-op and Morrisons. The online research found Morrisons’ ad the favourite of over 1,000 consumers; with more than a third saying it would make them more likely to shop at the retailer and 75% finding it visually appealing.

The findings made headlines in both The Grocer and The Drum last week.

Click here to see the coverage in The Grocer.

Click here to see the coverage in The Drum.

Here’s a basic summary of the results of the research:


Memorable – 36%

More likely to buy – 32%

Visually appealing 46%

Informative – 59%



Memorable – 30%

More likely to buy – 17%

Visually appealing – 50%

Informative – 33%



Memorable – 68%

More likely to buy – 37%

Visually appealing – 75%

Informative – 53%



Memorable – 54%

More likely to buy – 21%

Visually appealing – 48%

Informative – 21%