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Life’s not a pitch

By Lucy Davison (originally posted on the GreenBook Blog and the Business Intelligence Group Blog). I recently attended one of the more commercial insights industry events.  A lot of the content at these events is ‘pay to play’ – when suppliers and agencies pay a fee to get a slot on the platform. In essence,… Read more »

Chillin’ in CA: Quirk’s West Coast 2018

Thanks to e-Tabs, our partners in crime at Keen as Mustard for the Viz-Fest event each year, I was given a ticket to the Quirk’s event in Orange County last week. Given it felt like we had suffered weeks of particularly cold, grey and wet weather here in Northern Europe, needless to say I was… Read more »

Through the looking glass – How does MRX marketing measure up?

By Lucy Davison, Managing Director of Keen as Mustard Marketing (originally posted in GreenBook) Late last year, we at Keen as Mustard Marketing joined forces with FocusVision to find out more about what was going on within MRX marketing. We really wanted to find out what issues agencies and suppliers in market research were facing,… Read more »

Looking back at NEXT 2017

Lucy Davison recaps her experience at NEXT 2017, the Insights Association’s inaugural event (originally posted in Quirk’s). The Insights Association’s inaugural conference was a full-on content fest with back-to-back sessions from 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 9 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10. I’ve learned that New Yorkers – and maybe all Americans? – certainly… Read more »

Where storytelling ends and communication begins: the essential skills for the researcher of the future

By Lucy Davison Full article published in Research World In a Research World article titled ‘Where storytelling ends and communication begins,’ we outlined four essential skills for the researcher of the future. We’ve been struggling with the ability to communicate clearly, powerfully and with impact as an industry for much more than a decade. In… Read more »

Insights Marketing Day – put your money where your mouth is

For those of you who could not join the 75 insights marketing professionals who were at Insights Marketing Day in London, here’s the low-down: Insights marketing day is a unique event in the MRX calendar as it is entirely focused on helping data, research and insight professionals improve their marketing. Something we at Mustard are… Read more »

Behave like consultants

By Lucy Davison, published in Quirk’s The research industry needs to learn to improve its consultancy skills. While doing a Webinar for ESOMAR, one of my co-participants, Simon Chadwick from Cambiar Consulting, revealed an interesting slide (Figure 1). It showed the skills for client researchers that are currently in demand and the skills for researchers… Read more »

Go #WOW me! ESOMAR Congress 2016

Now that the dust has settled after my return from New Orleans I thought to give a short summary of what I learnt, felt and found from the proceedings. There are four words that sum up my experience, so I’ve tried to group my thoughts under these. 1. Noisy My first word is noisy, or… Read more »

Thoughts on the MRS Conference 2016

I don’t know what’s been going on over at the MRS but they have certainly upped the ante regarding their Annual Conference. Over the last few years I felt it was less inspiring and more of the same old folks spouting on to the same old folks about the same old stuff. I got to… Read more »