Monthly Archives: November 2016

Happy 10th anniversary to us!

Over the past 3,650 days, Keen as Mustard has pioneered the delivery of marketing and design services to the data, research and insight industry. For our 10th anniversary we consumed quite a bit of cake and discussed what might happen in insight, marketing and design in another ten years. From AI advances to auto-editing robots,… Read more »

Remarkable turnout from Viz-Fest 2016 (recordings are available now!)

Viz-Fest, our four-day online festival, uncovered the latest in data viz & insight communications. For our second year running in partnership with E-Tabs, Viz-Fest pulled in a whopping 2,000 registrants (double that of last year)! We brought together 13 industry experts to give you practical guidance on to how to create communications with impact and… Read more »

The story of PRS IN VIVO: visualising a merger

Keen as Mustard Marketing was thrilled to accept the challenge of helping the world’s two leading, shopper and packaging behavioural insight companies to merge; PRS (headquartered in the US) and IN VIVO (headquartered in Paris). Our initial work focused on what the two existing company brands stood for, and how to integrate the best of… Read more »

E is for…….ESOMAR UK Meet-up

On the evening of 7 November, we gathered ESOMAR members and friends to watch (or re-watch) some of the best UK presenters from ESOMAR Congress 2016. We know it wasn’t easy to pop over to New Orleans for this year’s ESOMAR Congress, so UK reps Lucy Davison and Crispin Beale gave members the opportunity to ask questions and network… Read more »

Judging a book by its cover – Insights Marketing Day NYC

The contract on my mobile phone has recently come up for renewal and as a result the phone calls from O2 have started, offering me an ‘exclusive deal’ on a new phone. I’m pretty happy with O2, their coverage and service is good, particularly in our home village which is now 4G enabled, pleasing me… Read more »