Monthly Archives: May 2016

Differentiating L&E Research through a ‘Real America’ campaign

L&E Research, a US qualitative recruitment and facilities provider, came to us in fear that they were lacking personality and the ability to stand out from competition. We were tasked with developing a campaign (preferably clever and witty with a bit of humour) to give a strong message about L&E. The ‘Real America’ concept was… Read more »

Designing a new PowerPoint template for August Equity

Via a connection within the MR industry, investment company August Equity approached us with the task of updating its PowerPoint template. The company had recently redesigned its website, making its existing PowerPoint out of date. Additionally, there were several design issues that made the old template frustrating to work with. We began with an initial… Read more »

MRS Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Last week, MRS hosted a unique event that, for me, was one of the best market research events I’ve attended during my admittedly short time working in marketing for the research industry. This may be biased as I do consider myself a travel guru (or maybe just rather obsessed), but either way the event was… Read more »