Monthly Archives: September 2015

Survey says: innovation is important to consumers

Many consumers see out innovative products and will pay a premium price for them, according to a new survey by Chicago-based Lab 42. The key findings: Perception of innovation is hugely important in purchasing decisions Consumers are willing to pay a premium for innovative goods and services Half of consumers say they have bought a… Read more »

Study Says Innovation Drives Consumers To Open Their Wallets

Studies and surveys on why people buy stuff are more plentiful than water. Every other day some research firm is telling us why we consume like locusts for fast like monks. It’s all good and makes for interesting reading, if not entertaining and humorous. Getting on the program, research firm Lab42 offers its own report… Read more »

The innovation premium

Consumers are not only willing to pay more for ‘innovative’ products, but value brands that listen to their customers when developing them, says Jonathan Pirc of Lab42. Read more here

Social sampling: a reliable alternative?

Clients want smart research solutions quicker and cheaper than ever before. Could sampling via social media be the answer? Jonathan Pirc of Lab42 discusses. Read more here

Innovation Ranks High In Consumers’ Decisions To Buy

The perception of innovation plays an important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions and they are willing to pay a premium for innovative goods and services, according to results from a recent survey by market research firm Lab42. Half of the consumers surveyed also said they have bought a new product without fully understanding what it… Read more »