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How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese Packaging

China’s economy has grown seven times as fast as America’s over the last ten years, and the urban middle class alone is bigger than the entire US population today. Perception Research Services (PRS) Source: How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese Packaging

Join us at Viz-Fest!

We’re thrilled to announce that registration is open for Viz-Fest 2015, a festival of insight communications brought to you by Keen as Mustard and our good friends over at E-Tabs. The quality of your insights mean nothing if you are unable to communicate them to your clients. Researchers have to use all the tools in… Read more »

Welcome aboard Lab42!

We’re delighted to welcome a new member to the Mustard fold: Lab42. Another US client for Mustard, Lab42 is based in Chicago. They conduct custom online market research, using respondents recruited from social media and gaming sites.  Lab42’s offerings include a full suite of market research services – from survey writing, programming and hosting to results, analysis and… Read more »

Finance On The Go

October edition available now! Customer Experience Magazine is packed full of all the latest news and articles from the world of Customer Experience. Source: Finance On The Go