Monthly Archives: November 2014

It’s time for MR brands to stand out and be strong

Mustard MD, Lucy Davison recently wrote a piece for Research-Live on the importance of brand differentiation in the market research industry, following conversations she had with some research clients at a recent ESOMAR event. Market researchers are often called upon to help companies make decisions about their own brands, but invariably, don’t consider their own… Read more »

Gone shopping

During a recent trip across the pond, I went to visit Perception Research Services in New Jersey. The company, which has been in the business of shopper research for over 40 years, uses the Retail Lab to conduct consumer research; ranging from finding the most attractive beer bottle labels to the most engaging call to… Read more »

Principles of design: Hierarchy

The (mis) conception about graphic design is that it’s all about creativity. As with most things in life it’s a little more complex than that. Creativity is just one part of the job; it’s not all hipster beards and cool tattoos. It goes a bit deeper. I love design, it’s fascinating and in some ways… Read more »

Maritz to Buy Software Firm and Create MaritzCX

Maritz is to acquire customer and employee feedback software provider Allegiance, which it will combine with Maritz Research to create a new company called MaritzCX, with more than 900 employees in eighteen offices worldwide. Source: Maritz to Buy Software Firm and Create MaritzCX