Monthly Archives: March 2014

Eye-tracking insights for enhancing shopper marketing – Market Leader

Manufacturers and retailers have a shared interest in enhancing shopper marketing. However, very few point-of-sale marketing efforts are rooted in shoppers’ in-store perspective. Using mobile eye-tracking we can document exactly what shoppers see (and miss) throughout their path-topurchase, including ‘macro-level’ behaviour (such as store/aisle navigation) and ‘micro-level’ actions (readership of packaging and POP materials). Here… Read more »

What I learnt at IIeX

Insight Innovation Exchange was a whirlwind. It was the first of its kind in Europe, and with upwards of 40 presentations a day, I often found myself with room envy. Condensing my most memorable memories has been a challenge, but here goes: 1. Virtual Reality. This is a reality – Lieberman Research Worldwide’s VR headset… Read more »

How can market research companies gain people’s trust?

Recent research by the Global Research Business Network found that 41% of people don’t trust market research companies with their data. Although the reason for this is not difficult to rationalise – the commoditization of personal data, qualms about technology and unethical data use – the real question is how to counter the mistrust. To… Read more »

Welcome aboard MRops and Network Research

2013 was a great year for Mustard, and 2014 has got off to a flying start.  We are very happy to say we are now working with MRops, an international market research operations company based in Philadelphia, London, Hyderabad and Hong Kong and Network Research, a customer experience research company based in London. We’re cooking up some… Read more »