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The ten commandments of mobile research

We’ve arrived in 2014, which has been hailed ‘the year of the mobile’ – much like every year since 2008. But mobile presence does continue to grow – notably, January saw the launch of the iPhone in China, Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy S5  (pictured) to great fanfare. This growth of mobile has created several… Read more »

Three things that really matter in mobile research

Most years between 2008 and 2013 have been touted by experts as the “year of mobile.” As we move into 2014, mobile’s significance is still set to increase in the market research industry. Source: Three things that really matter in mobile research

Research Now speaks out for market research

Many market researchers will have experienced Peugeotulsion in the past few months. Peu-geot-ulsion (Per-joh-uhl-shun) noun: The act of expelling a mouthful of one’s TV dinner in anger after having seen Peugeot’s latest advert. In said advert, named ‘Design and Driving’, Peugeot appears to suggest that their car designs are not based on market research –… Read more »

It’s a Canadian Thang

Far, far away, in a quaint little village, a group of fishermen guts some Arctic Char while sharing jokes in a strange sounding language. They are speaking English. Elsewhere in the country, a family looks forward to escaping the hustle and bustle of a skyscraper city with a weekend trip to the cottage. The children… Read more »