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Search Results for: Five LinkedIn facts that your business needs to know 

LinkedIn is a social network that means business, with a mission to ‘connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful’: it’s an essential tool for today’s professional. To businesses, it is as crucial to understand as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Source: Search Results for: Five LinkedIn facts that your business needs to know 

DIY by Design?

You have a leak in the office, you call a plumber. Your accounts need doing, you call an accountant. Someone leaves your business and steals your best client, you call a lawyer. You need a new website that will give you great stand out in the market and drive your business forward. But what the… Read more »

Vision Critical are tracking the social route to sales

Vision Critical recently published data which finds a link between social media activity and purchasing and suggests that brands can measure how theirs is affecting customer behaviour. This is a welcome innovation in the world of market research, as brands have been looking to measure the ROI of social media since the dawn of Twitter. Marketing… Read more »

Mustard launches new visual identity for Red Brick

Red Brick are a research company, who deliver powerful and inspiring insight, backed up with sound strategic advice and supported by business consulting, research, marketing, communications and brand-development services.   They felt their image didn’t communicate Red Brick’s philosophy and company vision so they came to Keen as Mustard for a makeover. So, like true… Read more »