Monthly Archives: July 2013

Learning from their mistakes

If The Apprentice was the face of market research, then it would definitely need some of Dr Leah’s TLC. Or possibly something a little more drastic. Regular viewers will know that research has been battered and bruised by Lord Sugar’s hot and cold attitude, candidates’ terrible techniques and forgone conclusions: the industry is portrayed very… Read more »

You AVE got to be kidding me!

In ye olde days of Public Relations the office was immersed in cigarette smoke, typewriters clattered, and a ruler was always on hand to measure column inches in order to work out the AVE of a piece of coverage. AVE stands for advertising value equivalent and focuses on how much PR-generated media coverage would cost… Read more »

Emily Slee joins Keen as Mustard Marketing

The departure of PR assistant Randi in April left Mustard missing a little spice. A few weeks of pining and searching later, I found Emily, after wading through a few (hundred) applications. So, Emily has left her country bumpkin roots behind her and joined the ranks at Mustard Towers in the big smoke. She graduated… Read more »

Research Now in Hello! Magazine

Hello! Magazine describes itself as providing ‘the latest celebrity and royal news from the UK and around the world’s, a description which does not bring the leading digital data collection provider to mind. Nevertheless, Research Now was in the magazine’s headlines following its survey on the future royal baby on 27 June. At Mustard, we… Read more »

The poster boys for big data

There are endless campaigns to stop the pressure that young women face to look good. But there are no such things to stop the increasing pressure that is put on data to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s an epidemic, there are never-ending examples of perfectly pampered infographics are cropping up everywhere. But we’re not campaigning for the… Read more »

Editorial Article: Investigating Social Security

Online trust and security have been significant issues in 2013. Mike Murray, Head of Project Consultancy at Research Now discusses the findings of their recent survey examining users’ attitudes to social networks and considers the implications for brands. Source: Editorial Article: Investigating Social Security

Business Insider: The share that keeps on sharing.

Vision Critical recently released the findings of a study that uncovered that ‘showrooming’, a phenomena that has kept the retail world up at night since the rise of social media, should not be feared. Whilst 26% of people engage in showrooming, 41% engage in reverse showrooming – amongst other key findings. Our PR wizard, Jocelyn Senior,… Read more »