Monthly Archives: June 2013

‘I don’t know': why honesty is the best policy

‘I don’t know’ is a phrase seldom coined in comfortable situations – especially in the boardroom. However, its use is of crucial importance in business, despite the impression you might give on The Apprentice. It can be hard for a business leader to admit a gap in their knowledge but Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics… Read more »

Keen as Mustard’s Simon Dunn to teach Webinar on Infotactics

Infographics are an increasingly popular method of communicating the findings of market research. In a world where people are bombarded with a huge amount of information, infographics are digestable and grab readers’ attention. But how should researchers go about creating an infographic? Mustard’s very own Director, Simon knows. He is responsible for creating Keen as… Read more »